Your Guide On How To Hold An Estate Sale


An estate sale is a sale where you sell household items. It is done for downsizing or minimizing purposes. Here are some top tips on how to conduct an estate sale.

1. Don’t Throw Anything

This is a huge tip when it comes to selling old stuff. Don’t ever throw away anything old. You never know how much value the said thing has until you put it up for sale. There are a lot of valuable items in your house, that might seem trash to you, but other people will be willing to pay a fortune for the item. Houses have a lot of antique artwork, paintings, and artifacts, that may seem insignificant, but if you go to find out its value your mind will be blown. So, the next time you see something old and weary that looks antique or special, don’t throw it away, put it in the garage sale.

2. Price the Items

This is also a very important tip. Pricing items in an estate or a garage sale is a difficult task. You don’t want to set the price too high where no one will buy it and you don’t want to set the price too low either, where you are gaining nothing out of the sale. Pricing the items right is where you must be unemotional and diligent. Try not to price the items out of emotions and passion, just because it’s your possession. Take the people into account as well. Ask yourself as a buyer: Would I buy this item at this price? If the answer is yes, then you are pricing the items reasonably. If the answer is no, then you might want to consider other peoples’ opinions on pricing the items.

3. Contact an Advert Company

Contacting an advertising company will help you in advertising your garage sale. Why is advertising important, you ask? Well, more people will gather at your sale, if your sale is advertised to the public. You want to reach out to several newspapers and advertising companies so that you can make your sale visible to the public. Make sure that the advertisement you put out is attractive and appealing. People are lured when attractive and interesting ads are put out. If you want, you can also advertise the sale online. This will also reach a lot of people within no time at all.

4. Organizing the Sale

On the day of the sale, you want to avoid any sort of accident or unpleasing situations as much as possible. This is where prepping beforehand comes in to play. Make sure that you have the signboard ready, with an abundance of chairs and tables for people to sit on. Make sure that the items are neatly displayed for the sale. Small preparations prior to the sale will help the sale run smoothly.

5. Get a Junk Removal Service

You will sell much of your items, but there is less chance of all the items getting sold. If you are left with such items, you need to either donate them or use a junk haul away service to remove them. The cost of junk removal service will be covered by your profits of sold items.

Still, if you’re worried about the cost of junk removal service, contact a service and get a quote.


There you go! Amazing tips that will totally help beginners with their first estate sale or garage sale. Happy selling!


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