WordPress File: Quick Tips to Increase the Upload Limit


A great facility of the website is to have a place where you can share the file with some visitors. For example, image and music, videos, eBooks, printable forms, and so on.

Who is using WordPress as a content management process for them this files will help to make Media Library easily. Even there is some way to make playlist, galleries, multimedia files. Long Island web designer professionals are skilled to solve such kind of issues very well.

Thankfully, it is easy to increase the uploading limit. However, the process depends on the web hosting setting. Before you go somewhere else for the assistance of the web design agency Long Island, let’s check out what type of setting changes need differently.

What Changes Need

For the increased uploading limit of the WordPress file, you need some PHP configuration changes. Undoubtedly, companies are great when they want changes in their system and server configurations.

Therefore, your decision depends on host selection. For finding their recommendation, contact the support representative or documentation. Try to change the followings:

Uploading Limit Varies the Method

Now we know what setting changes we want. So, discuss with the web host provider for what process do they allow for setting tweaking PHP. Moreover, editing this setting is a serious issue.

Before you make any change, keep a backup copy. Your site can go down for any false step. Here are a few conventional systems to increase uploading limit of WordPress.

Hosting A Control Panel

For adjusting this setting, change a few numbers in the control panel.  GUI or similar cPanel allows for changing PHP setting directly to the browser. Moreover, few hosts can access the php.ini file in your account.

It completed by re-uploading on the server, making changes, and downloads a file through FTP. Alternatively, you can access it through the command line. It is an expert area. 

The User.ini File Uploading and Creating

For some good reason, many hosts cannot access directly to the php.ini file. Alternatively, they will allow for making .user.ini file. This will let you change and add a setting that you need.

So, you can upload it from there, and the new setup will ignore the default. You get extra safety for this method. For any mistake, you will remove a file or fix this quickly.

Modify The .htaccess File      

You can remove the PHP settings by the .htaccess. The file of your site. You will get this in the root directory of your website. This is the hidden file.

Also, for seeing this, you may need to adjust the FTP software. While editing, this keeps all backup. .htaccess usually used for various servers setting. Moreover, WordPress relies on Permalink formation.   

Setting Values

If you know where and how you need change for the PHP setting for the website, it is time to apply them. Do you know the correct value? It depends on the specific need. Most of the time, you get flexibility while increasing the upload limit of the file. More potential resources of the server you can use as the limit is higher. So, remember this while changing. Set the healthy limit fits 24MB, but whatever you want, you may set.


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