Why You Should Use Cloud Storage for Medical Images


Indeed, many radiologists are still using hard drives and desktop viewers. Some of them are also using an onsite DICOM viewer iOS because of storing their medical images rightly.

But, it’s not less than anything to ask for trouble while storing your medical images and records just in any place instead of the cloud. No matter which apps you’re using, it could be paid or free DICOM workstation software.

But, it matters much if you don’t store your images in the right place that we’re talking about cloud storage. You might be going to ask us, why you should use cloud storage rather than the traditional methods. Well, it’s a great question and let’s know the answer to the below topics.

RAIDS & Soldiers – Not Alike of Raid

It’s considerably more dependable rather than any other option while the cloud supports an infrastructure. You’ll find a built-in superfluous infrastructure with this method. That means you’re less likely to fail with your system. In this case, you’ll have to go through a vendor.

They’ll notify you that their data centers in a remote place to avoid loss of your data because of a manmade or natural disasters. Also, RAIDS will support you to overcome the possible issues with their fail over systems. If anything goes crooked, you’re searching layers of security nets with this execution.

A disturbing event can knock down your first defense. But, you’ll get your data untouched. It’s because the superfluous infrastructure can kick in. Besides, the subsequent layer can serve as a defensive barrier. You can think of it another way.

You always think your medical images are the hidden treasure that remains in a secure vault in a prepared castle. But, this is not a simple vault, which is protecting your treasure. Apart from keeping them surrounded by the sturdiest walls, you’ll get a drawbridge with moat along with piranhas and crocodiles.

Also, you’ll get a team consisting of soldiers who will be working to prevent your castle and vault. As a whole, you’ll get your medical images under the safeguard that the ancient queen deserved.

This Is Not Just About Redundancy

Why the entire matter is a great redundancy? This is not the whole reason why most of the radiologists use Cloud solutions. The thing is that you have access to any time from anywhere to the imaging while using the Cloud.

No matters you’re vacationing, commuting or eating out, you’re always ready to use your required information. This is possible for you whenever you want it. So, it has one simple come down that you can’t avoid carrying on your laptop or smart device with you.

It means that you can utilize your images using your tablet, and iPhone as well. All physicians should keep records of their patients for a specified duration. This duration and course definite specialties differ by the state in the US.

That’s why they keep their medical images and records for more than a longer period. For example, pediatricians are frequently needed to maintain their patients’ records until they’re 18 years.


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