What You Should Know About Heavy Duty Trench Drain


You know that there are some different types of services. Every piece of them has its own, unique requirements and needs. But, one thing is common of them all that they all need vehicles and heavy-duty machines. It’s because they sometimes need to move up about 1.5 tons of heavy items.

That’s why it’s crucial to select a heavy duty trench drain for the services to handle heavy loads. Also, it should handle them continually keeping on it. However, different facilities need a large amount of trench drains regularly in basic design. As they have made with durable materials like stainless steel, they give you a lot of strength.

This is why they neither break and crack nor bow if you keep them under heavy equipment. And they offer a medium level of load, Class C where Class F load is the most heavyweight trench drain out there in the market if you are truly searching for any alternative trench drain other than Modular grated trench drain.

What Is Heavy-Duty Trench Drain Systems?

You’ll find different types and styles of heavy-duty trench drains. But, all of them are not great to use as some may come with different faults. So, you should be aware of the issues. For example, grates could be very expensive if look at the options of heavy-duty.

Also, because of beginning to deteriorate, they need repairing or replacing. Besides, you should remove and clean grates singly to perform a thorough clean of the drainage system. Staff can simply become hurt while trying to move the heavy-duty grate for the heaviness of a particular grate.

As a result, you have to consider using some other heavy duty trench drain systems, such as Slot Drain. Well, let’s know about the systems of Slot Draining and what makes it deferent from others.

The System of Grateless

It’s a type of drain system that has designed very thin and sleek unlike other systems of drainage. That’s why you don’t need to get grate to cover it to keep away from falling in or workers from getting over any breach. Grateless also refers that you’ll find one less maintenance step of this system. Also, the workers just need to think about cleaning its channels and not anything more about it. As a result, it’s very simple to maintain the system of grateless.

Design of Stainless Steel

This is another great benefit that it has made with high-standard stainless steel. So, it’s ideal for the long-lasting trench drainage system. It’s because the design of stainless steel not just very durable, it also able to handle heavyweight.

As it’s corrosion-resistant, it’s capable of enduring the caustic strong. Also, you can use chemicals facilities to keep them clean.

Extremely Strong

The type of Slot drainage system is one of the extremely heavy-duty trenches drains out there on the current market. Also, it’s fixed into the concrete surface with the angles exposed to stainless steel apart from being created from long-lasting stainless steel.

Moreover, it’s safe to clean and cheaper as it doesn’t require replacing or worrying about its grates.


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