What Items Do You Leave When Selling a House?


Many sellers and buyers have disputes over the house stuff. When you show your house to a potential buyer and he buys it then it is a general assumption that what he has seen comes with the house. However, if you wish to take anything you should include in the contract. There is stuff that you should leave when you sell and move out of the house.

1. Fixed Appliances

The general rule of thumb is that fixtures stay with the house while you can take along the removable items. Fixtures are things which are electrically fixed to the house. Fixed appliance is your stovetop which is fixed with wirings and gas pipes. Even countertop oven is supposed to stay in the house when you sell it.

2. Dishwasher

Dishwasher is also a fixture and attached to the water and drainage lines. But there is a lot of dispute over the dishwasher as some sellers want to take it along while buyers will want to keep it as well. If you wish to take the dishwasher then it is better to not show to the buyer or just include in the contract that you wish to take it.

3. Fans and Lighting

You ceiling fans and all the lighting in the house is also electrically attached so you will have to leave that as well. However, if you have installed a very expensive chandelier or expensive lights then you may take them but do include it in the contract. You ever know maybe the buyer bought the house fascinated by the lights of the house so it’s better to state initially rather than face problems later on.

4. Window Blinds and Curtains

Window Blinds are also considered as fixtures and it is unwise to take them with you. Similarly curtains are also considered as fixtures and buyers will assume that you will retain them in the house but if you wish to take curtains along with you then you have to state in the contract however the curtain rods are fixtures and should stay within the house.

5. Air Conditioners

Air conditioners is another appliance that should stay as it is fixed with electrical wiring and same goes for heaters or heating systems and thermostat controls.

6. Equipment

If you have a garden or a backyard then naturally the decorative stones, benches, planted trees and plants, pool equipment if you have a pool and other garage equipment should be left with the house for the new buyers. You can take the decorative potted plants but do not show it to the buyer or state in the contract.

7. Increase Your Bargaining Power

If a buyer wishes to keep some of your stuff then you can use it as a bargaining tool to increase your house’s price. This way the buyer will get your stuff and you will get the money.

8. Clean House

It is necessary to leave a clean house for the buyer and not a messy and filthy house. Make sure that you have taken care of unusable items. You can hire a junk removal on Long Island for it too.

Most of these services are a convenient for house sellers as they take away all the stuff you want to dispose of. Ask around for better junk removal service New York for a quick house cleanout.


Whatever you wish to keep should be stated in the contract to avoid future misunderstandings and issues, after all you want to remain on good terms with the buyer.


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