Top 7 Challenges Faced by Architects


Experts and beginner Architects alike face some serious challenges while in the industry. What are they? Let’s have a look!

1. Communication Issues

With improving and growing technology, the architects rely more on tools, PPT and other options when it comes to communicating with clients and audience. They don’t prefer to speak more rather they use visuals. That is good to use visuals but persuasive communication skills are imperative for the young architects if they want to grow their business as well as expertise.

2. Sustainable Design

This is one of the most serious and growing challenges architects are facing these days. Majority of the new graduates who study architecture have no idea about sustainable designs. They create projects but their designs are flawed. They don’t meet the modern-day needs, requirements as well as qualities of the great architecture designs. They also neglect sustainable design and give it secondary importance and they also don’t use 3D rendering services.

3. Identity Crisis

According to some experts and architects, the new architects are facing identity crisis. They are known for everything but great design and architectural products. That might be due to less interest, forced professional adaptation and for other reasons. Their work is also being shared by urban planners and designers. What architects should have done lands in the hands of other professionals who do it even better as well.

4. Finding New Clients

It has become extremely hard for the new architects and even for the experienced ones to find new and regular clients. That is because of the global change. The economies are changing and labor cost has increased as compared to the past. No more people are spending in houses because only sustainable economies are planning new housing and projects. To make market exposure more vital, you should hire any best SEO services as they will help you to market your service online to build your own brand identity.

5. Time for Hand Sketching

Believe me, the architects these days don’t know how sketches are drawn by hand. They are used to the new technology, screens, 3D rendering services, software and apps that do work for them. But great designs only come when you work hard on them. Not having time for hand sketching has created identity crisis for the architects as well. They need to understand this and give more focus to sketches.

6. Material for Design

There are many really good architects as well who can create some outstanding designs. But the next issue for them is to find great and quality materials for their designs. The materials nowadays are not what the architects want in their designs. So they have to stay short in design and consider the available material. This also limits their skills and they can’t show it off completely.

7. Evolution of Software

For architects with experience of 10-20 years, the new software, hardware and apps are something quite new. They believe they have no idea about such tools. Even some young architects don’t know much about the best and latest software options that can make their work easy. They even don’t know about the architectural 3D rendering services that are common nowadays.


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