Top 3 Island Range Hoods You Need To Buy


Finding the best range hood isn’t a hard job. You just have to keep your eyes and mind open when selecting one. Admittedly it is quite possible to lose your way with so many potential best island/mount range hoods in the market. So, how viable the option of keeping your eyes open while deciding on a range hood? Not much! Finding an island range hood can be a little more painful. As this type of range hood can be quite expensive and not everyone has the budget. Therefore, we have searched through the internet for finding the best island mount range hoods for you.

XtremeAIR PX07-l42

The first thing we liked about this particular island range hood is that it offers a whopping 10-year warranty on their motor. Therefore, you can sit back and relax for a decade without worrying about your range hood. XtremeAIR PX-07 has 900CFM and stainless steel body. The thickness of the steel is 1.0 mm and is very tensile. You can easily make out the built quality and materials of this hood. Although they feature a powerful motor, there are little no sounds audible at all. It features 2W LED lights for the days when you need more extra lights for your culinary expertise. However, the drawback is the price. With a hood this great you would expect it to not come cheaper. But what I think about it is, it is cost-effective as you have an extremely long warranty on it.

Kitchen Bath Collection ISL90A-LED

Kitchen Bath collection’s model ISL90A with LED lights is one stylish looking island hood you will see. It has a glass canopy that adds the x-factor to this otherwise simple hood. You need LED lights; you get LED lights with this model. The multi-colored LED indicators are crisp and eye-catching! However, one fairly large drawback of this model is that because the hood had to fit a canopy some materials had been compromised. That means instead of three baffle filters, the hood now sports two filters. That does make the quality of the hood a little less functioning. The installation manual doesn’t say much so if you run into a problem regarding the installation you aren’t going to get any help from the manual.


Unlike Kitchen Bath’s one AKDY AK-RH0217 has 3 baffle filters for an efficient filtering process. The filters are made mesh filters which make it easy for them to trap oil, grease, and dirt. The mesh filters are easier to clean as well. The look of this island hood is very sleek and elegant because of the stainless steel finish. The controls are pretty easy to handle with a touch panel located on either side of the hood. With it comes a remote control for altering the settings. They even went ahead and added an automatic activation feature that turns on when the stove emits excessive heat. Cool right? Again, the instruction manual is limited, therefore, you need someone’s help during the installation. It has a 1-year warranty which isn’t much compared to the XtremeAir’s one.

There you have it! 3 best island range hoods that made the list. You can easily find it in the brand’s shop or online. Out of these three, we suggest you choosing XtremeAir’s wall mounted copper range hoods as they have extremely long warranty and super efficiency.


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