Tips to Know the Way of Rocking with A Shaved Head


Those who like to keep their bald head, they know that bald or shaved head is one of the great ways to be the sexiest person. Also, it’s a current trend to keep the shaved head in style. But, it’s not your agenda to be sexy as there are lots of people know the trend and go accordingly.

So, if you can manage it then simply go with the trend that will enable you to change your entire look. Now, you can ask what people think about a shaved or bald head. It’s not just a way to make a sexy look, it also makes you separate from the crowd.

Probably, this is because Jeff Bezos and Water White have bald heads. So, you can go to a barber shop Astoria or somewhere else, but it’s very important to know the way of rocking with your bald head.

Grooming & Fitness

Like most men, you also like to get a robust or well-built look from a reputed barber shop Long Island City. That’s why you’ll have to maintain a good shape of your body to prevent going far to George Costanza-like teen shut-in of the addicting look or worse. Also, it’s because you like to get a healthy head that Dwayne Johnson maintains.

When you look for the perfect hygiene, you can get going through shaved head. It’ll make you as clean and crisp as smooth feeling. Even this will make a feel that hair is a useless thing to keep with. And the world will be your oyster and your head will be a pearl after balding your head.

Shaved Head & Beard

No matter you have a bald head; you can go with many stylized trimming and grooming. But, you might have forgotten your mighty beard. When you like to shave your head for being bald, you may go for an exciting skill to mature facial hair.

Remember the testosterone that may cause you bald head that also lets you admire hair growth all over the place else. You’re able to emphasize your recently manly bravado like Mustache, stubble, and goatee.

Maintaining A Shaved Head

In this case, experts recommend that you should bald your head once per every four days. You should get a cartridge razor to do that because it shaves your head clean and smooth with the curves of your skull.

This type of razor is a better performer than any other balding clippers. Also, some people compliant that when they use electric razors, they cause irritation and razor bump.

Aftershave Balm

When you want to maintain your bald head, aftershave balm should keep with other shaving items as a friend. This balm serves essential nutrients for your scalp. It also nourishes and moisturizes your skull skin without doing it very shiny.

Using Sunscreen

At the same way you protect your other parts of your body from sunshine, you have to do the same for your bald head as well. Besides, you should use spray-on sunscreen to protect your head from excessive sunshine.


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