Tips to Earn Money While Recycling Your Clutter


Thanks to the economy of the country that’s going better, so you might don’t see the upswing in life. This is why you might never look for a new way to earn some extra money. But, you’ll find a very simple way to get some additional money if you consider selling your old stuff that is still in good condition after performing a trash removal NYC procedure.

In this process of earning money, you have to follow the rule of recycling, reuse, reduce and that’s it. We have made wide research through the web to avail you of some known and simple way of making some bucks.

While going in this way, you’ll earn and will not call some junk removal Queens New York service providers. That’s why let’s know some the way that will help you to find a new way of earning.

Recycling Scrap Metal & Cans

Aluminum is not just a valuable metal; it’s very easy to recycle as well. Also, this is a very popular item to recycle. Just about 67% of these cans are recycling every year only in the US. This percentage brings about $800 million for them who take the cans to recycle.

If it was possible to recycle 100% then it would be possible to make an extra earning of $1 billion.

Besides, scrap metal is another material that you consider as a junk item that can offer you a good number of extra coins.

As the metal is very profitable, this is common. Apart from aluminum, you also may have brass and copper that will bring more money. Also, they’re easy to recycle, so you can sell them to the recycle center effortlessly.

Recycling Paper

Recycling your old paper-made cardboard is another good way to make some bucks. Like many others, you also might gather loads of cupboard boxes year long from Amazon or some other orders. It makes about 43 million tons of paper and gets recycled each year in the U.S.

This is the increase in everybody’s shipping boxes along with used cardboard boxes while moving. It’s half of the entire recycled items. So, this is a big amount of cupboard and lots of money that’s missing out every year.

You’ll find some websites like Boxsmart and BoxCycle that help to sell these lightly used boxes online. You can sell to them the most types of boxes, like mailers, pallets, and packing supplies.

Recycling Plastic

While thinking about plastic, you most likely don’t go in a straight line to car batteries and electronics. But, it’s possible to make money from these things as well. You’ll find a lot of companies that offer you money for selling old items like electronics and cell phones.

In this case, you can go with a company named Eco-Cell that allows you to sell old and broken phones, chargers, adapters, tabs, and other items. That means this company will accept almost any electronic items as its goal is to exclude electronics of landfills and in safety dispose of.


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