Tips and Tricks on Choosing the Right Hair Salon


Hair is one of the most crucial parts of your fashion and personality for both men and women. You cannot just trust anyone with your hair. Getting the right hair cut is an important part. So, you need to be able to trust your hairdresser with a scissor in his hand.

Before searching for a “hair cutting salon near me,” here are some advice to choose the perfect hair salon that matches your personality and comfort.

TIP-1: Keep Eyes on Social Media

These days, you can find almost anything on the internet, so why not make more use of those famous ex-girlfriend stalking chops? Look for actors, models, or even just everyday fabulous ladies who credit their hair salon or glam squad with the look you love on social media more often than not.

From there, you can quickly trace the breadcrumbs: either check out the hair salon’s official account or follow the personal Instagram of the hairstylist. You’ll get an idea of their general style or ‘expertise.’ Are you more old-school? Then, call a neighbor, interrupt anyone whose hair you admire on the street, ask for referrals. There’s nothing like seeing the real thing.

TIP-2: Filter Out Your Options

Sometimes, blocking out the noise is the hardest thing about choosing a hair salon. With so many choices out there that claim to be the finest, it can certainly get overwhelming. The trick: know what you’re looking for, then narrow it down.

Do your research into which places, then cherry-pick by looking at the rave reviews for the look you want. For haircut and hair color services, you don’t have to choose one hair salon, but it is definitely more convenient. And keep in mind, you’ll talk about your look with this person, so find someone you can talk to easily and who understands and respects your taste.

TIP-3: Find the Local Salon

You need to be real: Long-distance relationships don’t work like in love (Edit: Okay, sometimes they do with a lot of effort, but no one has time for that).

The best hair salon, realistically, is one you can get to within an hour. Any longer than that, and you’ll find yourself slacking on your touchups and, gasp, start cheating with an “easier” place.

TIP-4: Keep the Budget in Mind

Remember, your hair is an investment; you’re just wearing it every day of your life. But shelling out the rent for a haircut or color for a half-month can take its toll.

Spend as much as you can, and keep it within your means in a reasonable way. Doing so, you will be able to afford regular appointments, which means more wonderful hair days for you!

Extra Tip: Do you have a clear idea of what haircut you want but going through a hard time explaining your hairdresser? Select hair salons that work with images. By using photos, your concepts are put across, making things more straightforward for you and your hairdresser. No misunderstandings anymore!


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