How to Share Your Medical Data & Images by a Single Click?

Using medical data beyond the location you are is highly important nowadays and it plays a key role in today’s medical technology. It is only possible while you utilize the proper cloud storage tech blending with the right software technology. Here we’ll learn about sharing medical data and images using this kind of technology.


In the recent day, we’re overheard that someone talking at their doctor’s office with a receptionist. The issue of the talking was the fax number that they were looking for so they can send reports and discharge summary of a physical therapist. That means they don’t like to come back again to submit their report that will come from another medical center. They’re asking this because they don’t know the method of medical data and image sharing through cloud-based software, for example, free web based DICOM viewer. It means that this is the time when you not only able to do video chat, it’s time to share your medical data by a single click. But, how is it possible? Well, let’s find some ways to do your jobs easy.

When You Are a Doctor

When you’re a doctor and treating human patients, you have to ensure to protect your patients’ medical information by laws. If you use the free or paid version of web-based also known as cloud-based software, you can store their data and images at the safety cabinet. You’ll get the highest protection of your storage that only you can view and access until you allow someone else. Also, you can share your data with your patients with a single share button whenever and wherever you are. So, you’ll find things are so much easy and at the same time it’s a great way to save a lot of time and money as well.

When You Are a Veterinarian


As a veterinarian, you always need to protect the data of the animals you’re treating, for example, a prize-winning racehorse or a famous panda bear. In this case, as you must keep their medical data safe so you must follow the instructions that you get from their owners. Also, the method is the same as a human doctor does that just make a single click on the sharing button to send their data to your desired recipients. But, you don’t have any stress regarding the issue of getting your data a wrong hand.

You Should Use Web Based Storage for Both of You

Now, you’ll ask why you should use the online storage and the answer is it’s a great way to save you a lot of money and time. You’ll get so many benefits when you’ll use a cloud or online storage. These include your patients can make their appointments, they can send you messages, and they can request to refill their prescriptions as well. Also, this is a great way to save your time and a lot of money because you can share your advice and your patients can share their complications instantly. Another great thing about it is that you can use it from anywhere and anytime when you have internet access.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you’ll be able to get the most of using this cloud-based medical imaging system DICOM cloud storage. When you’ll be using this method you’ll thank the digital age that has made things easy for you and for your patients as well.


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