How to Prepare Your Smartphone for A Trip?

Smartphones are our most important companion nowadays as they have made our life easier than anything before. It alone can serve our many purposes even when we are in a trip. Here is how to prepare our smartphone for a trip.


It’s great to know that you are going on a trip. Do consider the following tips to prepare your smartphone as we want you to complete your Voyage with excitement:

1. Get Your Phone “Unlocked” For International Traveling

First thing first. Do you want to use your phone as an internet device only? For this purpose, there is no need to get your phone unlocked. However, if you are interested in making local calls because of business constraints or to get connected with the local people then you will have to buy SIM card every time you enter into a new country. In order to acquire a local phone number, primarily, you will have to unlock your phone to use it internationally. Your phone should be GSM capable as local SIM card works with GSM phones only. So, if you are a travel chap, it is advisable for you to always purchase a phone with GSM capability.

2. Enhanced Survivability of the Phone

This is imperative to save your delicate device in hostile conditions as unless you are thinking to change it after coming back from the trip. Do remember your Telstra sim only mobile plans though in any case.

3. Take Proper Security Measures

Your phone may meet the bad fate; however, whether your phone may get stolen or lost, it should not become a more serious problem for you. If you don’t want to make any such worse incidents to get converted into the worst one then you will have to set up some security means to get yourself prevented from identity theft. For this purpose, you can take the following measures:

  1. Set your phone to get lost after a reasonable amount of time.
  2. For your removable SD card, you can enable encryption.
  3. As most of the important websites offer two-step login verification, disable this option tentatively as in case of phone theft you will not be able to access your account on these websites for service providers.
  4. Whenever you use public transport, do remember to turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Unless needed, both of these options should stay turned off.

4. Get a Power Bank

If you want to document your trip using your smartphone and Telstra sim only mobile business plans, you should have a reliable power bank with large capacity. If you are visiting developing countries you should have a power bank as electricity fluctuations can do much harm to your delicate devices. Instead of this, you can take a risk to damage the power bank which is a cheaper device comparatively.

5. Download the Much-Needed Apps

For your convenience, you should download apps that can help you in sending flight notification, searching maps or serving as destination guide. You should also consider downloading language-translation apps using Telstra sim only mobile plans.

6. Check Storage Capacity

If you want to document your trip using your phone, then you should have an ample amount of storage space in your phone since you may not be able to transfer data due to time constraints or the availability of internet data.

If you want to know more about it feel free to ask.


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