Here Are The 5 Steps to Restore Old Furniture


Got wooden furniture that you are not yet prepared to throw out yet and is too close to your heart to give up. Fear not for you doesn’t have to throw it away. You can always restore your old wooden furniture and here some ways to help you fix and restore your furniture so well, they will look as good as new.

1. Take All the Precautions Necessary

If you think that their lies no danger in the restoration of simple furniture then you are gravely mistaken. In the process of restoring furniture, many chemicals are involved than can severely damage your skin if not handled with care. Therefore, you must be prepared with your protective gear when getting started. Wear rubber gloves, long sleeves, and goggles to keep your skin safe from chemical burns.

Work in an open area where the ventilation is proper and air passes easily. You don’t want to inhale the harsh chemicals, as they are likely to give you an allergic reaction and irritate your respiratory system or worse.

2. Know the Type of Finish You Are Dealing With

Restoration of wood highly depends upon the finish that was previously done on the wood. You best recognize the type of finish on the wood. You can identify that by carrying our experiments. Finishes like oil or wax can be determined by the dull appearance or lack of shine as the wax has worn off. Other finishes include shellac, varnish, and lacquer. You can use the respective type of removers to know what you are dealing with. Alcohol for shellac, lacquer thinner for lacquer type and otherwise varnish.

3. Cleaning of Wood

You need to make sure that you are dealing with clean wood. All you need is detergent and warm water to wipe off the dirt and old wax on the wood and you should be good to go. However, sometimes the dirt can be a little stubborn than you thought it was going to be. In such a case use a solvent like mineral spirits, turpentine or denatured alcohol.

Cleaning, in fact, is the most important step when it comes to restoration of wood. Another way you can clean off wood is applying a white spirit or proprietary wax and polish remover with a pad of steel wool. This will neutralize the wood.

4. Apply Wood Dye

This step is important for wen there appears patches of different shades of brown that don’t quite get along. Sometimes wood becomes bleached due to excessive exposure to chemicals. So if you have you applied the chemicals to remove the finish, make sure you apply wood dye to retain the color that you desire for you wood.

5. Reamalgamation

Reamalgamate the cracks on the wooden furniture by using different types of solvents which depends upon the type of finish you are dealing with. And lastly finish it all off by applying a layer of hard paste wax to give off a shiny, newly and classy look.

However, if your furniture is beyond saving, it’s time to use a furniture disposal Austin to remove it for you. It’s better to use a junk removal service for that as furniture is not so easy to remove, so these junk removal services Austin TX send a truck and staff to do it safely.

So, follow the above tips to restore your furniture or hire a trash removal services Austin TX to get rid of it.


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