Guide On How to Organize Your Closet


Who likes a cluttered mess. You can never find the stuff you need in time unless you take the whole closet out. Organizing your closet is easy if you follow in our easy guide.

1. Declutter by Category

Categorizing your belongings is the best way to start tackling the mess. Make as many piles of clothes you need and start sorting them, pants, shirts, tees, tights, accessories, and skirts. Start putting each in their respective pile. Make a separate pile of undergarments and small stuff like socks. After that assess the pile, keep what you need and recycle or donate the rest.

2. Clean the Space

Once all your clothing is sorted, clean the closet out. Wipe every shelf clean, vacuum or sweep the floor of the closet and spray with your favorite perfume. You can also spray some tissue with your favorite perfume and leave them in the corners, this way your closet will smell nice too.

3. Designing

If you have the cash then, by all means, design it celebrity style, however, if you don’t have all the cash in the world then work with what you have. Discover the potential of your closet. Vertical space, lots of shelves or hanging. Make a plan according to the design of the closet. If you have more hanging then press and hang all your shirts vertically. If you have less hanging then fold all your bottoms that are, jeans, jeggings, tights, and skirts. Get storage baskets to keep your lingerie, hats and small items if you don’t have enough drawers. Get tension rods to put your shoes on. Add a scarf hanger to hang your belts and scarves.

4. Color Code and Categorize

We have already sorted the mess. Now hang them categorically as well. Better yet hang them in a color-coded fashion. light to dark for your tops. This will give the closet a beautifully organized look. For your bottoms, keep professionals separated from casual and nigh-wear.

5. What to Hang

If you don’t have enough hanging space, then priorities as emphasized by many junk removal Greensboro services. Hang the dresses as they are delicate and seldom worn. Also, hang the coats, jackets, and blazers, as they are bulky to fold and look better hanging. Avoid hanging jeans or pajamas.

6. Hangers

To give your closet the best look possible use matching hangers. Variety is good but when it comes to hangers it’s chaos. Different shapes of hangers don’t give an organized look to your closet even if its set perfectly. To get that perfect organized look, buy the same type of hangers for all your clothes. This means that you will have to get rid of the old ones for good.

7. Stacking Is Your Friend

Pile up the sorted jeans, sweaters, and tees. It’s better if you press them first. Ironed stack looks way better than the non-pressed one. Jeans are the best item to stack, as they are sturdy and they hold up well in a stack.

Try making small changes like these to make your wardrobe look less messy and more organized or get help from a junk removal Greensboro North Carolina service to remove all the junk once you are done decluttering.


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