Fun Things to Do In San Francisco At Night


When you’re at San Francisco, ding fun things don’t stop right away. You should stop by the city of San Francisco while you’re on a trip to California. You might be wondering thinking about how to spend the night when you find an evening in the city.

Even when it’s 5 pm, you can’t imagine what fun things are coming for you just before the late night San Francisco activities. But, it’s not enough you just like to go for an outing to get lost. You also should know what and where you have to get in for the maximum pleasure of the nightlife.

This is because it’s a new city life in the new place that you’re not familiar with. So, instead of browsing more contents regarding fun things to do in San Francisco at night just continue reading. And you’ll find the whole thing that you’re looking for.

Cable Car

Talking to the famous cable car in San Francisco is the most recent manually-run amusement system across the world. Also, this is a great recognizable symbol of the city. In the beginning, 23 cable cars were in lines, but currently, there are just 3 remaining.

Among these 3 lines, two routes run-up to the Fisherman’s Wharf from the downtown. The downtown is on the point of Union Square. For regular commuting, the local people use these cable cars and most people who trip them are travelers.

While you like to enjoy the cable cars, you’ll find them open up to midnight from 6:00. You’ll get the cable car as unique and fantastic views particularly as you escalate the vertical hills of the city.

Bourbon & Branch Is Elite

In the places in San Francisco, this is the most elite one. But, you’re not set until you have a reservation with a password. So, you have to book it and get a password then you’re all set. Coming with a current speakeasy, Bourbon & Branch has assorted with genuine jazz vibes of the 1920s.

When alcohol was outlawed, you need to get in the “libraries” to get the drink; this is a return to these times. If you get excitements from that, it’s where you should be.

Plenty of drinks along with beverages are out there to get from the eatery. Also, they offer “The Beverage Academy” that educates you on how to prepare their beverages.

Alembic Cocktail Bar In GQ

This is one of most the highly expected and coolest bars when you’re in San Francisco. In the relaxed as well as laid back atmosphere, the place is very perfect for a slight drink at the nightlife of San Francisco.

And if you need to stop off a bar only for a quick, small drink with a return to your hotel room, you’ve got your place. When you’re at Alembic, you’ll find something more than just the simple drinks.

These are some types of creations where the bartenders will make the masterpieces of drinks for you. While continuing a short conversation with just met people, your drinks have prepared instantly.


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