COVID-19: The Ways That Spread Coronavirus


The main focus of health officials is slow down the spreading rate of Coronavirus. If you know the spreading process of Coronavirus, then you can protect yourself from it. The experts say that it spread from one to another person.

Also, it can spread in several ways. So, before you look for “COVID 19 testing near me”, take a quick look at the ways that spread the disease.

Aerosols or Droplets    

If someone is carrying the virus, the person can spread it through talks, sneezes or coughs. Even the tiny particles or droplet can spread the virus from their mouth or nose. If someone is near them, the virus can infect their lungs as well.

Airborne Transmission

Moreover, this virus may live around 3 hours in the wind. Also, it can infect the lungs when someone breaths in that air. Mostly, it spreads very soon, if someone breaths in the infected air.

Surface Transmission

Frequently, people touch the surfaces of many things. If you touch anything which touched by any coronavirus patient, you will be infected. Plus, you can touch contaminated things then touch the eyes, mouth or nose.

The virus will attack you for this. Also, this virus can stay two to three days in stainless steel and plastic as well. So clean the hands frequently with soaps and sanitizer.


Though, the virus can spread from the poop of the infected person. When any infected people use the washroom, does not clean the hand, they can spread the virus. As they do not wash hands and touch other stuff of the washroom, the virus will remain there.

Also, people do not know about the virus can spread it. However, some symptoms show that the person may have coronavirus infections. But before noticing it, you can spread the virus.

Community Spread

Furthermore, a person may know, from where the virus infects them because they have an idea about that they were in close contact with who was infected when someone is sick for the virus and without knowing that you were in close contact that is community spread.

How Easy to Become Infected?

Each coronavirus patient can spread it to (2-2.5) person. The researchers say, sometimes the quantity can be more than this. Besides, the person who has a virus can spread it to (1.1-2.3) person. But the person who has measles can spread the virus to (12-18) people.

When the children become infected, they have mild symptoms and can spread the virus. Besides, some people’s condition becomes severe. Even they can die as well. 

Delivery Groceries or Packages & Foods Can Spread the Virus

The virus can infect you through delivery foods, groceries and packages. So it would help if you avoided close contact with the people. While shopping time, keep around six feet distance from others. But it is not possible every time.

So never forget to wear the face mask. If you touch anything outside, wash the hands with soap for 20 sec. Every time you should be aware of touching anything and avoid touch the face. If you get any items through delivery, clean that first. After that, you can use that. And finally if you suspect yourself to be infected by the virus, don’t delay to find “COVID 19 testing centers near me” get yourself tested.


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