Camping Food: Make The Campsite Looks Like Home


There’s no doubt that the food is also one of the very best aspects of camping to have in your backpacks. Anything that has prepared on an open flame sounds more delicate than what you might bring around.

Add it to the reality that in the great outdoors surrounded by mates, you love it, and there’s just nothing like it. But there are some drawbacks to cooking, such as the dishes on the campsite.

And the reality is that you’ll have to be able to carry everything. Check out these incredibly simple camp foods for daypacks hacks to make your next camping trip a little smoother, and maybe much more delicious:

Eggs in the Bottle

Traversing the field with a dozen maybe around eggs, and without losing any of them, it is almost painful. Carry your eggs in a water bottle with you for a faster, more compact way to move your eggs without needing to think about damaged shells.

Only smash all your eggs into a bottle of water or two before you go, seal them securely and stick them in the fridge, and you’re not going to have to think about a single break on your whole journey.

On arrival at the base, shake the bottle and spill the pre-scrambled eggs into the skillet. Breakfast has eaten in a snap.

Bacon & Eggs in a Bag

Try out this fantastic camp meal for our helpful breakfast hack theme: bacon and eggs without the use of a saucepan or skillet! Take two pieces of bacon, cut in half, and lay them in a brown paper bag at the bottom.

Then break one egg over your yummy bacon nest and roll it up. Place a stick in the bag through the flap, and leave it for around 7-10 minutes over hot coals.

Make sure your wallet doesn’t erupt into flames, as you pull the bag off the fuels, you’ll have a great breakfast of bacon and eggs so that you can eat it straight out of the package!

Pancakes in the Bag

Pancakes are another useful meal for camping breakfasts. Although they are simple enough to make at the campsite, by pre-mixing the batter at home, you can save yourself lots of dishes and room. Throw it into a Ziploc storage container, and then stack it in the fridge.

Only cut off a corner of the bag when the breakfast period arrives, and you can have a ready-made pancake dispenser! No mess, no bowls to sweep, only ready-made yummy pancakes.

Omelet of Boiled Egg

We pledge that it is our last recipe for the package, but it’s a real doozy one, so we had to include it. Remember those eggs that you prepackaged in a bottle of water?

Well, dump a few of them in a heat-safe Ziploc, seal the bag and shake it up, along with some tomatoes, cheese, and whatever another omelet fix in you like. Place water into a medium-sized pot to simmer.

Place the omelet-in-a-bag into the boiling water and wait about 10 minutes before the egg sets. Only pour the dream size omelet onto a plate and enjoy it when it’s finished! If this isn’t a gourmet campsite, we don’t know what it is.


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