9 Cool Siri Tips and Tricks

People are getting used to gradually using the voice assistants of the different operating system. We know the Siri is the voice assistant of iOS and is highly popular among iPhone users. Here are 9 cool tips and tricks to bring out the best result from Siri.


If you are new to iPhone and don’t have much knowledge about how to use iPhone’s voice assistant, Siri, then these tips and tricks would be really helpful for you. And even if you are a Siri user, go through these tips and maybe you would learn something interesting and new.

1. Use Siri as a reminder

Siri is a great reminder of all time. You would just have to say, “Remind me about this” and you would be taken to whatever you’d want to be reminded about. You can also ask Siri to remind you about a certain event or to go somewhere at a certain time or even remind you of going to groceries etc.

2. Use Siri as a calculator

There is no need to bother your fingers to make calculations. Just say whatever you need to calculate, and Siri will give you the exact answer to your problem.

3. Use Siri to book an Uber ride

Siri can now connect to various apps. You can get an uber by just saying “Get me an Uber to the mall” or any other place where you wish to go. You would get the summary of the ride and an option to book your Uber. You can also use it to browse the internet like “cheap mobile plans”.

4. Use Siri to make reservations

Don’t need to search for the best restaurants and on the internet and make reservations on phone calls. Now, you can make the reservations with Siri. Siri would find the best restaurant for your desired cuisine around and tell you the available time of the restaurant to make a reservation.

5. Use Siri to find movies playing at the theatres

Want to go out for a movie on weekend? Ask Siri to find out that which movies are being played at the nearby theatres and their timings. You would get complete details of the movies, their timings and the price of the ticket.

6. Use Siri to find locations

New café has been opened in the city? Don’t know the way? Siri is there to help you find the best directions along with the approximate arrival time for your desired destination.

7. Use Siri to send messages or make calls

You won’t need to type long messages or find a specific contact in your list to make a call, just tell Siri whatever you want to write on a message and to whom you want to send it and it would be done within seconds. Similarly, just tell Siri to call a specific person and there you go.

8. Use Siri to entertain yourself

Siri can entertain you in the best possible ways. You can ask her to tell you a joke, play a game, beatbox or anything else.

9. Use Siri to turn things on and off

Without even touching your phone, you can turn on or off your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, airplane mode, do not disturb mode and can even increase or decrease your brightness by just commanding Siri to do these things for you.

Siri is no doubt a really timesaving and helpful app with many more features. You can book your new iPhone with cheapest Telstra plan.


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