6 Tips to Keep Your Garden Clean


1. Watering Your Plants Properly

This might seem strange, but if you water your plants in the wrong way, it can lead to mold formation and can make your plants weak and your garden will look dirty. Make sure you are not watering the leaves or the plant heads, rather you should be watering the soil and the roots of the plants. This trick will not only make your plants grow lusciously, but they will keep your garden free from molds, bacteria and nasty things.

2. Buy New Plants with Care

If you are new in the gardening world, then it might not be a piece of cake to buy new plants. You have to do your research first and make sure you can differentiate between old and new plants. Try to avoid buying plants that don’t look healthy or whose leaves have weird white-brown spots on them. These spots are the gateway to various plant and garden diseases and they can be harmful for the plant’s life. Make sure the plant that you are buying has a healthy soil and there is no trace of pest of worms in the soil or on the leaves and branches.

3. Keep an Eye on the Land

Nothing is untidier than an unattended garden. Make sure you are picking up the fallen leaves, twigs and sticks from your yard. It instantly makes your garden look cleaner. Dead leaves and broken twigs make the garden look dirty and less fresh.

4. Dress Your Garden Up

This is a great tip to make your garden look beautiful. If you want a more rustic look for your garden, then you should go for wooden benches and a table. It looks very appealing and it entertains the guests as well. Moreover, adding stone structures and pebbles can add style to your garden. Making some big changes, like constructing a bridge, adding a water fountain or a man-made waterfall can look very beautiful in your garden. The only downside to these things is that you have to maintain them timely so that it doesn’t get dirty or lose its beauty.

5. No More Weeds

Nothing looks worse than those giant, spiky weeds emerging from your ground in between the grass. Weeds are not only unattractive, but they can actually damage the soil and the pants as well. This will cause your plants to die overtime. Make sure that you are diligent in plucking the weeds from the ground. As they are inevitable and there is no proper cure for weeds, make sure you are attending to your grass ground and plucking off these unwanted greens. Also, you can hire a junk removal Dade County to haul away all the junk from your garden if needed.

6. Healthy Soil

Your garden will only look more beautiful if you are feeding it with the right manure. Make sure your soil is always fertilized so that plants can grow on them. Healthy soil makes your plants look greener and its overall good for your garden’s health. Make sure you are using natural organic manure for your soil.

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