6 Questions to Ask When Buying Bike for Your Kid?

Biking is equally popular among the kids as well as among the adults. It is one of the most amazing outdoor activities for all. But to enjoy it to the fullest extent, you should buy the right bike. Here are 6 questions to ask when buying the bike for your kid.


You should ask the following important questions when you are going to buy a bike for your kid from a bicycle store.

1. How does age of the kid matter?


This is really an important question. Ask the dealers or salesperson to guide you about how the age is linked with the bike for a kid. Bikes are designed considering the age of the kids. A kid of 4 years can’t ride a bike designed for a 6 or 7-year-old. Be clear about the age factor when you buy your kid a bike.

2. What bike size is good for your kid?


The first question was about the age of the kid. Next, you should ask about the sizes of the bikes in a bicycle store. They will definitely have bikes of different sizes. It should be noted the size of the bike is dependent on the age, height, body shape and weight of your kid. So, choose the right bike size for your child to let him/her enjoy the best bike experience.

3. What about the weight?


The weight of your kid determines which bike you will purchase for your child. For the information of parents, there are three categories of a bike in terms of weight of the kid. First, a bike with 30% weight of a child, second a bike with 60% weight of a kid and third a bike with 70% weight of the child. The first option is normal and the rest two are heavy and too heavy respectively. Make sure you purchase a bike with normal weight for your child.

4. What are other feature for a kid bike?


Apart from age, height, size of the bike and weight of your kid, there are other factors that affect the decision when it comes to buying a bike for kids. The frame, handlebar, lights, saddle, brakes and other features should be checked. If you don’t know much about these, ask the salesperson to guide you about them so that you can choose a bike with perfect features for your kid.

5. Can my child try it before buying?


Almost all bike companies let the riders test bikes. They have separate bikes of every category that anyone can use in order to test and check if it fits into their needs. Similarly, a child must try the bike and you should make sure if it is fine for your kid. Guide your kid about the bike and see how well he/she adjusts themselves with the bike.

6. What is the safety feature of a kid bike?


You should ask the company to provide the list of safety features for the kids’ bikes. There are some features that come by default with a bike like brakes etc. You can add more safety feature to the bike of your kid. This can include turn lights, safety locks, right kind of helmet, extra brakes and others.


These questions with many others, that you may have at the spot, will help you choose the perfect bike and cycling product for your kid from a bicycle store. Awareness and knowledge about kids’ bikes are essential because you can better guide your kid and prevent any accidents or injuries for the kid.


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