6 Google Docs Features You Need to Know


Follow below to know some valuable Google Docs features which may come handy. Let’s start!

1. Add Fonts

Google Docs is as amazing as it could get. It will surprise you at every turn and leave you thinking for the entire day. When you are creating a document, Google Docs will give you almost a dozen type of fonts in the drop-down menu to make your life difficult, yes you heard that right, difficult. With so many choices for fonts and typefaces, what do you expect? Your default font will be Arial, but still, if you want to some additional fonts, you can click ‘More fonts’ options to be literally blown away.

2. Templates

Drafting a business proposal, creating your resume or even designing a brochure. Google Docs has made life easier for you as it has templates for almost everything. Every category has multiple templates for you to select from, if you want to search for some particular types, you can also as well type in search bar to have the options presented. The template feature is often overlooked in Google docs. Templates can add appeal to whatever it is that you are creating or designing, with the right taste, one can look as if he/she has been doing it for ages.

3. Suggestion Mode

Now this is something we bet you have never used let alone hearing about it. While you make the necessary changes to your documents, sometimes you want to have some suggestions without literally having them to be implemented and that is exactly what this feature is supposed to do. In order for you to activate it, you will need to switch from ‘Editing’ to ‘Suggesting’ mode and from then on delete, add or make changes based on the suggestions given.


If you have certain questions that you need to ask or want to highlight some changes made in Google Doc, you can do that straightaway by leaving comments. Furthermore, the comment section becomes a conversation starter as well, since people can answer your queries and help you out. You can delete and even edit comments of other people while closing the thread once you have had your queries answered. The application also allows you to tag people, so that they are notified in case there are some urgent things needed to be answered.

5. Find and Replace

This one again is a feature that a lot of people did not know existed, but should know. If there is an error or errors that you want to find & replace, Google Docs has made a clever way out via this shortcut. Using this feature in Google Docs is as easy as using this feature in Microsoft Word. If there is something that you need to find, click ‘Edit’ and select ‘Find and replace’. A window will pop-up, asking you to input what you want to find and replace it with.

6. History Revision

There are at times, when you wanted to make certain changes to your earlier documents or wanted to see all changes made by someone to your documents as situation demands, but you do not need to worry, Google Docs has made things awesome for you in that area as well. All that needs to be done is visiting the File section and selecting View Revision History. A panel shall pop-up, showing all the changes made by people along with time and date as well.

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