5 Clothing Stores Online for Plus-Size Beauties


Only plus size girls know the struggle of finding the right clothes that fit. Shopping from one store to another is seemingly bothersome to most of us curvy ladies. But fear no more because we are modern women with modern solutions. And what is that modern solution you reckon? You have guessed it right, online stores. We have put together some great websites on our list. Now, you can shop your plus-sized dress without being bothered. These stores offer a great range of women’s fashion clothing that fits into your budget. From dresses to tops, from swimwear to active wear, they got it all. Presenting some of the best women’s fashion clothing stores online for plus-sized divas!

1. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of the best online clothing stores for all women, despite the age and size. Are you tired of finding jeans that fit your shape? Opt for Nordstrom. If jeans aren’t your thing, then why not buy dresses or a suit? A suit will compliment you if you wear it to your work. The suit isn’t your niche? Are you a summer girl heading for the beach? Lucky you, they have swimsuits as well. Nordstrom also offers better customer service policy, so you can enjoy your shopping without any interruption.

2. MadeWell

Are you a fan of wide-legged jeans and fabulous patterns? To be honest local walk-in stores don’t always have a variety of clothes, they only stock mainstream fashion pieces of clothing that are most commonly worn and liked by women. However, if you are that rare beauty who likes to shop exotic but elegant clothes, MadeWell is your go-to online store. Another advantage of choosing this store is that they offer sizes from 16-24. So, you are getting the rare dress at a size that you don’t need to compromise – killing two birds with one stone. Colors, trends, necklines whatever you seek, you will find here.

3. Violeta by Mango

This one is for my trendsetter babes who love to play with fashion without getting bankrupt. Violeta offers trendy clothes that fit your curvaceous figure. The dress sizes vary from 10-22. Those who say you need to spend great fortunes to be fashionable, say ha-ha to them!

4. Eloquii

Are you looking for some beautiful lingerie to wow your husband? Eloquii has a wholesome range of gorgeous lingerie that is guaranteed to make your sweetheart’s jaw drop. The lingerie collection is available in size 14-28 and will accentuate your beautiful curves making you the star of the night. Not looking for lingerie? Do you need something work appropriate? Eloquii has got your back.

5. Universal Standard

Those of my plus sized beauties who are probably furrowing their eyebrows because not a single of the aforementioned stores bears the size you are looking for; Universal Standard is your brand. Why? Because with their Fit Liberty model, Universal Standard is breaking down the size stereotypes. Every size is unique and appreciated and it should be, that’s why the site is offering sizes from 00 to 40. They feature dresses, tops, denim, t-shirts specially made out of high-quality cloths.

There you go, 5 essential and best online stores for womens clothes for plus-sized women who are ready to rock the world. Check these stores out and prepare to be amazed.


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