4 Benefits of Using a Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Vacuum cleaners are useful household tools. Every house has one because of the functionality and versatility it offers. It keeps your home clean and eliminates allergens (substances that trigger allergies), thus keeping your home and people healthy. Traditional vacuum cleaners used to be heavier and super noisy, and for that reason, people didn’t feel comfortable using it. This, however, changed with modern vacuum cleaners. Modern vacs are simply portable and noiseless. They aren’t only limited to one type, for instance, stick vacuums, portable vacuums, canister vacuums, etc. Today, we will talk about stick vacs. A stick vacuum cleaner is somewhat like the upright vacs that are widely available anywhere. They are powerful, easy to carry, and noiseless. There are many other benefits of using a stick vacuum cleaner at home. Let’s have a look before you search “where can I buy a vacuum cleaner?”

It’s lightweight

Stick vacs are relatively lighter than those traditional vacuum cleaners, and for that reason, it’s easier to carry them anywhere. It doesn’t weigh much, and the size is compact, which makes it usable for smaller rooms. As it is lightweight, elderly people and people who cannot lift heavier objects will have no problem using lifting or using it. You can move it around easily without tripping or blocking spaces.

It makes lesser noise

As I have mentioned earlier, stick vacuum cleaners make lesser noise. The noise and nuisance earlier models of vacuum cleaners made used to cause sleep disruption, headaches, irritation, and a lot of unpleasant reactions from people. To combat that, manufacturers now make noise-free vacs for everyone’s convenience, and stick vacuums are one such noiseless appliance. Now, you can carry on with your cleaning without waking anyone up or giving some a headache! Some vacuum cleaners even make less than 86 dB noise.

Keeps your home free from allergies

Vacuum cleaners are enabled to create an allergy-free environment by sucking up all the allergens found at home. They can remove allergic particles such as dust, mites, pollens, pet’s hair, etc., from the air and purify the indoor space. You can clean your beddings, curtains, floor, carpet, etc., to stop these allergens from affecting you. Keep in mind that the stick vacs come with an attached bag that stores up all the allergic particles the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner just sucked; therefore, you need to keep it properly cleaned. Always empty the dust bag in a dustbin outside the house and never inside because not doing so can release some dust in the air, polluting your indoor environment.

It’s very convenient to use

Stick vacuum cleaners are very convenient to use. You can use stick vacuums everywhere, including carpets, floors, beddings, curtains, etc. Not only that, but stick vacs are suitable for hard floors like concrete and marble. As it’s easier to carry, you can take out the vac whenever you need light dusting; that way, you don’t have to drag a grand vacuum cleaner every time.


Now you know why it’s best to buy vacuum cleaners of stick variants. With that said, every vacuum is useful, and it is necessary to own at least one vacuum cleaner to make your indoor space healthy and clean.


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